ECC 2006 :: bulletins

Bulletin 11

Dear Sailors,
Attached you’ll find the final bulletin.


Bulletin 10

Dear Sailors,
In the attached bulletin you’ll find the latest information about transportation from the airport.


Bulletin 09

Dear Sailors,
In the attached bulletin you’ll find the information on transportation from the airport and the newsletter.


Bulletin 08

Dear Sailors,
In the attached bulletin you’ll find important information about the program, logbook completion, local transportation and ECC newsletters.


Bulletin08_Attm 1.pdf

Bulletin 07

Dear Sailors,
The ECC 2006 Organization Committee is currently working on the logbook. This bulletin gives an overview of the information to be provided by the skippers.


Bulletin 06

Dear Sailors,
The registration and boat assignment process has been completed.
With this bulletin we present the list of participants and the yacht assignment.
As the fleet is again larger than in 2005 we have decided to start in 2 groups so that the start line will be not that crowded.


Bulletin06_Attm 2.pdf

BulletDeclaration Regata Bulletin06_attm.pdf

Bulletin 05

Dear Sailors,
Bulletin 05 provides further information on the registration process.


Bulletin 04

Dear Sailors,
It is now time to register for ECC 2006. The clock starts ticking and the sequence of receipt of registration will set the priority for the boat choice as well as the possibility to compete.


Bulletin04_Attm 1.pdf

Bulletin 03

Dear Sailors,
In bulletin No. 1 we requested to show your interest to compete in ECC 2006. We were as or-ganization very glad to hear from you and your interest to compete in the Engineering Chal-lenge in 2006 in Greece. Now that we have an agreement with Cosmos Yachting we present you with this bulletin the notice of regatta and the procedure that will be followed for registration.


Bulletin03_Attm 1.pdf

Bulletin03_Attm 2.pdf

Bulletin 02

Dear sailors,
Much to my regret I have noted the Achema 2006 Exhibition/congress will be held in the same week as the date set for ECC 2006. I must admit that unfortu-nately we have overseen the Achema and the impact there off for the event and for many of the loyal German participants.