ECC 2006 :: sponsoring


How to become a sponsor

Over the year the Engineering Challenge Cup has enjoyed ever increasing popularity. The ECC 2006 promises to be an even bigger event than last year with 68 yachts and some 450 participants competing in this exiting sailing event.
The event is made possible not only by the considerable efforts of the volunteer ECC organization Committee, but also thanks to contributions of sponsors.

Sponsoring contributions will be used for:

• Cost for the organization, to make it all possible
• Polo and rugby shirts for all crew members
• Welcome party and price giving party
• Maintaining the internet site
• Logbook production
• DVD production, with photo’s and a short film for all skippers

Your support to sponsor the event will be highly appreciated, and we will do our utmost to promote the sponsors during the event, and we will try to get some interest from the press.

Articles will be made available from the website, covering daily news and photos, including sponsor themes.

If you would like to receive more information about sponsoring please send an email with your preferred contact details to:

ECC2006 Organization Committee

Please also visit the ECC archives to obtain a better picture of what the event is like.