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The Organisation Team ECC 2012

Crew Photo top: Christine Stütz, Simon Aliaga, Kay Heinrichs, Christiane Koch
bottom: Ralf Milius, Anke Rüttgers

Bulletin 8

  • Bulletin 8 – ECC 2012: Bulletin 8 “Correction of ‘The Route’!”

Bulletin 7

  • Bulletin 7 – ECC 2012: Bulletin 7 “Modification of ‘The Route’! Doctors wanted! Looking for a crew member?”

ECC 2012 - Training - mandatory under all circumstances

Less than three month left and no water to practise on?

Look for opportunities as we did!

Christiane on the ‘Steinhuder Meer’!

Bulletin 6

  • Bulletin 6 – ECC 2012: Bulletin 6 “WYSILTWYG – ‘The Route’ ”

Bulletin 5

A view astern!

When we passed the finish line in the last race of ECC 2011 as
first ship home we had this great view astern!

Just a few hours later we realised that we won a great victory and even a bigger task for the future!

Approaching the Christmas Season and the years end may be is the right moment to have a short view astern at the progress of the preparations for ECC 2012.

So far we managed to complete the entry list and the boat selection (out of a fantastic fleet).
The route is nearly fixed.
Most of the crews paid the first half of the charter fees in time, although after all the reminders from Ivan I wondered that I had to call five skippers today to ask them to complete that task.

Furthermore we invited friends and participants of the ECC to become a sponsor in 2012. Although we know about the uncertainties expected by all our companies we are really happy to get considerable positive feedback and even the first money reached our account. Nevertheless we hope that there will be even more potential sponsors showing interest to support the ECC 2012. If you should know any interested person please contact us.

Every year the Christmas Season is a time when all of us are thinking about charity. Despite our predominantly relative small individual tasks and problems we know that we are priviliged people compared with others who are facing really serious troubles.
Looking forward to sail in the beautiful Croatian Waters with friends and enjoying lovely peaceful evenings as well as turbulent parties I think we could and we should help some other people not as happy as we are. So we looked around for a charity organisation fitting the ECC – something about competitive but peaceful sailing with international friends.

What we found is the ‘Mirno More Peace Fleet’

an international youth project for disadvantaged kids. In the beginning of 2012 we will let you know more about the nominated charity organisation.

Now we wish you a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year with this painting from Svea Koop (12 years)

First Winner of ECC 2012!

We are very pleased to welcome these guys from boat 56:


as ‘First Sponsor Home’ supporting the ECC 2012 again with a Bronze package!

Thank you very much in the name of alll participants!

Please visit the websites of our sponsors!

Bulletin 4

Bulletin 3

Sponsoring ECC 2012

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the ECC 2012 please download this file:

Engineering Challenge Cup 2012 Sponsoring, 111111

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