ECC 2012 - article ECC Sailing 2012,2005:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/article Textpattern 2012-05-12T19:50:04Z Michael Faß 2012-ecc 2012-05-12T17:50:04Z 2012-05-12T17:50:04Z Boat No 34 Winner of the ECC 2012,2012-05-12:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/098becc3d88072027947802866fcc851 <p><BR><br /> Here they are, the ladies from Boat No 34, winner of the ECC 2012 and our new Commodore!</p> <p><img src="/images/199.jpg" style="height:287px;width:460px" /></p> <p>Of course there will be more information on the website soon but right now we will have a break for a week!</p> <p>It was a fantastic week in Croatia, thank you everybody from the crew of boat no 39:</p> <p>Christiane Anke Hannes Michael Ralf Simon Kay</p> 2012-05-12T16:23:00Z 2012-05-12T16:33:43Z ECC 2012 Overall Results,2012-05-12:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/dc085d630fd51cbab6dae3a7687f46cb <p><p></p> <ul> <li><a href="">Results overall</a> – ECC 2012: Results overall”<p></li> </ul> 2012-05-12T16:22:49Z 2012-05-12T16:22:49Z ECC 2012 Results day 6,2012-05-12:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/877d882a9708fd57fe4ed67e6dfddb2a <p><p></p> <ul> <li><a href="">Results day 6</a> – ECC 2012: Results of the sixth day”<p></li> </ul> 2012-05-12T16:21:49Z 2012-05-12T16:21:49Z ECC 2012 Results day 5,2012-05-12:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/1af837154fe58a2371c7c0efa4e33627 <p><p></p> <ul> <li><a href="">Results day 5</a> – ECC 2012: Results of the fifth day”<p></li> </ul> 2012-05-12T16:21:00Z 2012-05-12T16:22:02Z ECC 2012 Results day 4,2012-05-12:9dc1dcc31911889721ed5f663ce7e333/c2f472735595567862b2542da6f527f1 <p><p></p> <ul> <li><a href="">Results day 4</a> – ECC 2012: Results of the forth day”<p></li> </ul>