ECC 2014 - article ECC Sailing 2014 The winner of ECC-2014 is: <p><BR><br /> the crew from boat 54 with skipper Jens Wilkens</p> <p><img src="/" style="height:287px;width:460px" /></p> <p>Congratulation to our new Commodore Jens and his crew.</p> <p>Hope to see all of you again next year!</p> <p>Jan Bonset<br /> Allard de Vos Klootwijk</p> article/the-winner-of-ecc-2014-is Daily results all groups <p><a href="">Race 1</a><br /> <a href="">Race 2</a><br /> <a href="">Race 3</a><br /> <a href="">Race 4</a></p> article/daily-results-all-groups-except-commodores Final results ECC-2014 <p><a href="">Overall</a><br /> <a href="">Overall commodores</a></p> article/final-results-ecc-2014 Local TV Heroes <p><BR><a href="" target="_blank">Story of ECC 2014</A></p> article/local-tv-heroes Logbook <p>Dear ECC Sailors,<br /> You can now also download or get access to the ECC logbook using the following links:<br /> <a href="ECC2014-logbook-part1-LR.pdf">Click to download the Logbook (2,8 MB) 1/5</a><br /> <a href="ECC2014-logbook-part2-LR.pdf">Click to download the Logbook (6,3 MB) 2/5</a><br /> <a href="ECC2014-logbook-part3-LR.pdf">Click to download the Logbook (8,7 MB) 3/5</a><br /> <a href="ECC2014-logbook-part4-LR.pdf">Click to download the Logbook (8,5 MB) 4/5</a><br /> <a href="ECC2014-logbook-part5-LR.pdf">Click to download the Logbook (0,7 MB) 5/5</a><br /> Update: <a href="">Click to download the Addendum of the Logbook (0,3 MB) 1/1</a></p> article/logbook