ECC 2014 :: sponsoring


Sponsorship Introduction – ECC 2014, Sardinia
This briefing is to introduce potentially interested sponsors to the Engineering Challenge Cup (ECC) and to present the marketing opportunities available to you and your company of becoming involved in the ECC.
Sponsorship: Benefits & Options
•The ECC offers a broad platform to increase your Company awareness and communicate your Company’s profile amongst opinion leaders and decision makers of the engineering and related industries
•In previous years the event has attracted some excellent sponsors supporting special events or provided the crews with useful accessories, clothing.

Besides the normal sponsor exposure as indicated in the sponsor packages, we intend to make it more worthwile for companies to sponsor our unique event.
The idea is to facilitate matchmaking between companies and company individual representatives. Of coarse this is all based on the kind preparedness of participants and crew members. We will start the process by creating an ECC Linkedin group through which ECC participants, crewmembers and sponsors can get in touch with each other well in advance. We further want to facilitate “mingling” amongst ECC-participants and to arrange one to one (direct) business matchmaking during particular events through the ECC week.

•Bronze Package 2.000 €
–½ A4 full colour advertisement in the official logbook
–Link from the ECC-website to your company website
–Your company logo at the back of the official ECC polo shirt

•Silver Package 3.000 €
–Same as ‘Bronze Package’ plus
–A4 full colour advertisement in the official logbook
–Flow your company flag at the Welcome- and Prize-Giving-Party

•Gold Package 4.000 €
–Same as ‘Silver Package’ plus
–Place a sticker (max. 20×20 cm) with your company logo at the stern or Bow(2*) of each yacht

•Sponsor of ‘Named Party’ more than 8.000 €
–It is planned to have 3 special parties before the start, in the middle and with he price-giving, where we are looking for a sponsor of the meals (approx. 6.000 €) and the drinks (approx. 3.000 €)
–Same as ‘Gold Package’ plus
–Name the party

•Sponsor of the inshore Race planned at one of the racing day,s 6.000 €
–Same as ‘Gold Package’
–Name the inshore Race,
•Customized Packages

Apart from the ‘Medal’-Sponsorship we are happy to develop any further(in kind) options of supporting the ECC.

•If your support is more than 4.500 €, you will have all the benefits from the ‘Gold’-package.

•If your support is less than 2.000 €, you will get a link from the ECC-website to your company website.

If you are interested in sponsoring the Engineering Challenge Cup 2014 please contact us and we will be pleased to develop a supporting partnership.